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Engineering . Innovation . Transformation

Re-imagining industrial, enterprise workflows & processes with artificial intelligence and

niche cloud technologies.

Pavo & Tusker Innovations is an engineering-focused organization specializing in building large scale and data-intensive platforms, solutions, and business applications. We build and assist navigating your

Digital Technology transformations. 


Cloud Transformation

With so many options of Technologies and Architectural patterns, Transitioning into Cloud has become a complex challenge. Our expert engineers recommend and build best in class Microservices patterns, Serverless implementation, API enablement and help your products transform as Cloud-Native Applications.

Full Stack Development

We add value right from Design Thinking for your Product, Choosing right backend technologies, building an engaging experience for your customers and managing your product reliability , IT operations and security.

AI / ML for Computer Vision

The advent of the coming Digital Era will be defined by Cognitive transformation. Our expert Consultants understand the Business use cases and nuances of executing the Industrial Transformation.


signifies "Empathy", a key ingredient in getting product engineering right.


symbolizes “Wisdom”, that Enterprises seek from information engineering.

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