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Our Services

Cloud Transformation

We provide consulting in architecture definition, identifying development needs and choice of technologies, recommending best practices of execution for your digital or cloud transformation.

Full Stack Development

We are agile and swift in collaborating with you to build software engineering , development , quality assurance & leverage best in class frameworks and tools in enabling your business goals.

AI/ML Implementations

Building AI/ML pipelines with engineered features ,  algorithms with relevant frameworks.


Projects in production


Years of consulting


Curious &
passionate engineers & scientists


Crypto Portfolio Management

P&T is a part of the global product engineering team and augmented the needs of the product engineering by providing development services on non-crypto based Microservices, AWS based Serverless modules, Third party integrations & front end development and also provided end to end Quality assurance services

Outcome: Product

Technologies Used:

Python, Flask , Serverless, AWS, ReactJS, TypeScript, Selenium  

Data Science /Auto-ML Platform

P&T provided product consulting, engineering design and developed & delivered ML engines of a Machine Learning platform using open source technologies: Sci-kit, PySpark, and H20.

Outcome: Platform

Technologies Used:

Python, Flask, Tornado, NodeJS, SonarQube, Scikit, PySpark, h20 -pysparkling , Docker , Docker Swarm

Recommendation Engine

P&T provided Consulting and AI Algorithm Development for an IT services partner to implement a Recommender system to generate >33% Sales Uplfit for more than 7000 SKUs targeted at Retail Stores.

Outcome: Architecture, Consulting , AI Factorisation Machine Algorithm Implementation

Technologies Used:

Docker , Nvidia Rapids , Python , Dask , AI Libraries , Numpy

We Technology

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